Saturday, September 28, 2019

We Don't Always Know the Behind the Scenes Existence!

With the inception of Social-Media we really do not know what is truly going on in each other’s lives. We are only made privy to what is presented through computer and cell phones.

I recall when I worked for Disney. As an employee I was able to go behind the scenes. I saw the true workings of the Disney magic. Costumes, warehouses, non-descript buildings, no colorful presentations like that which is presented to the public. I would hear the voices of some of my favorite characters from my childhood, only to turn around and see a regular person, in ordinary clothing.

This is what we are met with each day, presentations of characters, presented in colorful regalia. I realize this isn’t only through social-media. Often these presentations are up close in our face. Created characters, who’s behind the scenes are nothing colorful. Many are struggling, some with unimaginable hurts.

Struggles in ways we would never perceive. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical lacks. But, because of their artistry in presentation we do not see the struggle.

Is this also due to our lack of connection. Have we become so consumed with our own agendas that we no longer recognize, or feel the spirits and energies (or lack thereof) that is being presented to us?

We must do better, love better, amp up our feelings gauge, we must connect again.

We must pray for each other more.

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