Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Raw Me is Good

It is awful enough that hackers are trying to put a false persona of me out there, why should I do it too. I was greeted this morning with a message on fb "Someone from a unrecognized remote spot tried to log onto your account. Please verify whether it was you or not." No it was not me, so then I had to go through the process of changing passwords and such. However, then I began to think how do I know this isn't a hack. All of this is making us all untrusting on so many levels. Do we really know what or who to believe. I no longer do fb messaging because I have had so many conversations with false people, (friend's accounts are being hacked). What is the purpose of presenting yourself as someone else, really?

I recall a popular movie from my past..."Sybil". This movie was about a young lady who suffered from multiple personalities. Back then this was seen as an illness. In some circles this issue continues to be seen as an illness.
What is amazing are the millions of people who go undiagnosed. We connect with them on a daily basis. Through the social media, we present ourselves as crazy party goers, we are hard workers, and we are sneaks who get away with being at work and not doing anything. There are the Holy rollers, the fire and brimstones shooters. We are sexy, smooth, "can't touch this", and “won't touch that" kind of people. We are high stepping, living the dream, slapping them high and sitting them down. Or are we?

Truth be told we are home bodies, family ignoring, and lonely sad creatures. Searching.....searching for someone to follow us, like us, share what we have posted. We are "Sybil".
The above statement puts it out there, "We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media, and the question is how well we DO it"? Why must we present ourselves as lies, and human propaganda?
We are each wonderfully made by God. The God I serve doesn't make mess, but, creates perfection. Perfection in every curve, every rugged edge, every smooth surface. Perfection in every shade of the rainbow. Somehow, we have strayed from the path of how precious life is and how important it is that we show love towards each other.  NOT towards the false representation of ourselves, that fantasy land we have created to be our alter reality. Crap even the reality shows aren't real.
We need to get back to our raw selves, the one’s God created. Personally, I have moods, and attitudes. I am a passionate, and caring person. I believe in God, and I like to laugh until I cry.

In this book I read, God says you need to love me the way you love yourself. Hmmm...maybe that is the issue, the core we need to look at, have we created these personas because we do not love who we really are, the raw us?

God’s Love is “UNCONDITIONAL”. If the raw me is good enough for God, it is good enough for me.

Walk in love not hate!

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