Monday, January 1, 2018

hmmm... Happy New Year

As we came to the close of 2017, I viewed posts and I listened as this one and that one declared the cutting off of relationships and situations. True if there was something or someone who served no purpose in your life, let it go. However, realize relationships are what shapes who we are on this journey. Those connections are important to our existence. God did not create us to be in a vacuum, but created us to be connected to others and to him. There is someone who needs to hear your story. There is someone who needs to hear that you made it through, and how you did not give up even though you may have struggled. There is someone who will speak to your spirit words of encouragement right when you need to hear it. But this will not happen if you wrap yourself in bubble wrap and exist in fear or in a realm of seclusion.
So as you sit and contemplate resolutions of shedding pounds, and such that will probably last maybe a good 3 months. How about making 2018 a purpose to connect. A purpose to pay attention to who is being placed on your path. Make it your purpose to listen to their story, and to share your story. Make it your purpose to be blessed and be a blessing.
Think about it....
Be Blessed!

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