Sunday, October 1, 2017

So the truth is out. How many families have lived with skeletons in their closets?
Well the bones have truly fallen out of the closet. What? Racism still exists didn't you know. Did you really feel that things had changed? Did you really feel that racism had just curled up and died? No pudding it is alive and probably living on your street, working with you on your job. I once worked for a company where the big "R" was flowing like milk and honey. Each year at the holiday party I had to listen to  a monologue of how we are all one family, we are all the same. I was the only one working there of color. But every year at the party where we would get our bonus's I had to endure this conversation.  I would laugh and say to myself, if we were all the same and all family you would not be repeating this same speech to me every year.
Just because it has not been placed in your face up on neon lights, you let yourself think we were passed that season. No, not the case. Listen "R" will smile at you, will take you to lunch, will joke with you. You meet it on the streets, in the grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.
Funny, that a favorite past-time of the world, "football" would shake those bones out of the closet. Those bones would fall from the highest level not just from those low spots. Well it is out there, that is right there is an elephant in the room now what? 
Racism, is taught behavior, we are not born with it in us. When little children come to school and call a classmate Nigger, they had to learn that just as they learned , "momma" and "dada". Taught behavior, and now this taught behavior is no longer a secret,  so where does it stop. 
We were all created from love, the love of God. Created in God's image. We have all been mandated to love each other as we love ourselves. So as spoken above the picture, let light of reality speak to your spirit. The love of God can unite people. Love of life will provide the words to say to speak to hate, to racism, to the wrongs of the world.
The closet door is wide open now, so recognize it when you see it in the light, speak light to it, because it is no longer in the dark.

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