Monday, September 25, 2017

We may bend, but we will not break...

A gift from me to you,

While we were in Hawaii, I came upon this tree. Look how the trunk split off. The roots remain strong keeping life flowing through the tree. Though this tree bends, it does not break. The tree continues to grow, with life and strength. I pray though moments in life may bring us to bend, keeping our faith as strong roots we will not break. We are never given more than we can handle.

 Taking off the Mask…

Oh the light is getting dim.

The hope at the end of the tunnel seems too hard to reach.

The light is getting dim.

Drained and tired, cup empty.

No seminar or motivational speaker can ignite this light which is dim.

What words of wisdom what grand advice?

Day in day out running on the treadmill of life

only to remain in the same spot.

No sandy beaches or grand horizons am I seeing right now.

The light dim, but you do not want to hear about my despair,

you do not want to know of my heartache.

Joy is the mask you want me to wear.

Are we what people see?

Is that all there really is, making sure we put on a grand show.

Who are we here to please?

Day in day out running on the treadmill of life getting nowhere.

Do you really know me?

Could you handle what goes on in my head?

The complexities, the realities, the questions, the real.

I am more than a gentle breeze on a summer day,

more than a perfect orange sunset.

I am more than the peace you find in the early morning when the birds wake, I am more

I am tired, I am weak, I am joy, I am strong, I am more

Tears, sorrow, love, yearning, quiet, loud, sexy, sadness and beauty.

Complexity is what I am and more.

‘In The Stillness…Quiet Moments of A’Ha Reflection

By, T. McKinney-Lawrence

Remember We May Bend, but We Will Not Break

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