Friday, October 28, 2016

Slow Your Roll!

Just A Moment

Wow, I almost let the entire month of October go by without an entry. Rushing here and there, doing this and that, you know how we do. Many times when preachers preach they are talking to themselves, the advice from doctors to take it easy is often due to self reflection. We convey to each other lessons we should be adhering to  ourselves.

On another website I wrote an article titled "Slow Your Roll", do you realize even though you rush to get your job done, rush to meetings, rush to complete various tasks. You rush to stress, headaches and worry. If you were to drop dead tomorrow, they would have you replaced faster than you could be laid to rest. This year has just about come to an end. They already have Christmas on sale. There are constant demands on your time. The ability to simply catch a breathe, take a nap, rest a toe is fast becoming non-existent.

Maybe that is why we miss the little blessings, those precious moments. Our children grow up so fast, friends move away, life continues to move along. We must slow our roll, if only for our health or peace of mind. We must slow our roll so we can see the little things, the little blessings. Slow your roll because they do not stay babies forever, before you know it they are going away to college. Creating lives and families on their own.

We must slow our roll.

We must slow our roll, we might as well, so we can also enjoy this life. Others are not very concerned and would just assume you continued on the hustle and bustle road because they are going to get theirs. So slow you roll so you can get yours. Slow your roll so you can take part in those special moments, slow your roll so you can enjoy that embrace, that conversation, catch that nap. Take just a moment for yourself.

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