Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Popped My Bubble!

Each one reach one, each one teach one...seems we aren't doing that part. We are too busy putting on this air of perfection. We continue to live the old thought, "can't let anyone know". Meanwhile, Yes we are our brothers and sisters keeper and we each have a story to tell.  A witness,  moments we thought we were alone/forgotten, moments when we thought we were done. But God was there, that grace and mercy saved us. There is someone waiting for your story of hope, when you thought you were done, finished, but you were not because by the grace of God you are still here.  Every testimony, every witness, every story doesn't necessarily come from a point of drug or alcohol abuse. God chose you to step out of your comfort zone, that bubble where you keep the stories of your not so perfect past hidden. God chose you not to only speak to the those you think you are identifying as needy, but to share your stories with all your brothers and sisters. Not the fairytale version of life but the real.  God chose you to understand that every smile does not mean that everything is going great. We have become expert in the area of social presentation. That part that puts on make-up, or sports that fly suit steps out the door looking like perfection.
Yet, some mind boggling crap does happen, some of it funny, some not so much, just plain life. The reality of life is that we all hit a rough patch every now and then. We all need encouragement, support, a prayer, and a kind word. We all need understanding, not pity, just understanding that "stuff" happens.
          A seed was planted in me to be a storyteller, God spoke to my spirit to tell His stories,  right away I thought stories of Noah and Moses or my girl with her issues. I can do that how downright awesome and humbling to be one of the chosen. It wasn't until recently that I truly  realized the joys and storms of my life, those everyday moments, and events are God's stories. Each test which has become a testimony of God's hand in the mix, stories authored by God. How can I go around spouting out how we are to witness, share, and tell of what God is doing in our lives and I am keeping some of mine in a bubble. So here we go POP!!!!!!! That's right I am popping my bubble. I know whose got me, things don't always go as I have planned but then again they are not supposed to, join me in my sharing. I pray something is written to encourage you that we all have struggles but with faith some of the *$%#@ is tolorable.
                          So I pray you subscribe, share, and come back weekly.

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